NYC Teaching Artist – Winter/Spring 2019

About Sisterhood Academy

Our primary leadership development program, Sisterhood Academy cycles operate in weekly or biweekly sessions. SA follows our model of trauma-informed leadership development based in restorative practices and social justice education & action. SA participants identify issues impacting their communities and develop leadership skills through the enactment of arts-based action projects. Recent SA organizing projects include: school-wide campaigns around ending the school-to-prison pipeline, DIY self care kits for physical and mental health, the creation of a vision quilt addressing gun violence, and spoken word pieces on self-esteem and positive self-image in opposition to messages hypersexualizing Black and Brown girls.

Sisterhood Academy sessions are led in pairs, with either two Teaching Artists or a Teaching Artist paired with an SSLC Staff Member. In the Spring and Summer cycles, facilitator teams may receive a Youth Leaders Board member as a peer facilitator.


Teaching Artist Summary

Successful candidates will demonstrate a strong proficiency in their respective disciplines, strong analysis of anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices and principles, have at least 1 year of experience working directly with systems-involved youth (i.e. juvenile legal system, foster care system), and display an understanding of trauma-informed care and healing through the arts. Our ideal Teaching Artist candidate has a passion for positive youth development, gender and racial justice.


Teaching Artist Responsibilities

  • Co-creating of lesson plans along with co-facilitators and SSLC staff
  • Co-facilitate at least 1 session/week, maximum of 4 sessions/week with 2 sessions/day
  • Timely arrival to programming site locations, recommend arriving  15 minutes early
  • Timely arrival to excursions and events related to program youth and/or SSLC NYC
  • Interactions with all youth are in alignment with the SSLC Principles and Personality
  • Timely and professional communication to co-facilitators, SSLC staff, and site staff
  • Other duties as assigned


Teaching Artist Logistics

  • Pay rate at $45/hour for a maximum of 6 hours/ week, depending on the frequency of programming for each site
  • Each Teaching Artist has a minimum of 1 hour/week of individual supervision with NYC Program Manager Jamy Drapeza
  • Each Teaching Artist team has 1 hour/week dedicated to debriefing and lesson planning, of which lesson plans are due to NYC Program Manager no later than 2 days before the scheduled session
  • Program sessions run, on average, 1 hour/session
  • Teaching Artists are considered part-time staff with start and end dates outlined in offer letters
  • Teaching Artists are welcome and encouraged to attend professional development trainings hosted internally by SSLC or externally by our partners
  • Miscellaneous Teaching Artist duties may include but are not limited to:
    • Chaperoning youth at a field trip or event outside the programming site
    • Representing SSLC at a meeting in relation to their work at a site
    • Guest facilitating for other sites


S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective is an equal-opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal opportunity employment without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, height, weight, or disability.


Please send all resumes and cover letters in PDF form to NYC Program Manager Jamy Drapeza at Please include at least two professional references.