Monique Morris Launches #FreedomWork Campaign on MLK Day

Pushout author Dr. Monique Morris has partnered with the National Black Women’s Justice Institute to launch the #FreedomWork campaign on Jan 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

FreedomWork is defined as the work we do in schools and districts to counter the criminalization of Black girls in schools and to facilitate their learning, healing, and development. To quote Dr. Morris, “Education is a critical protective factor against contact with the criminal legal system. We must create policies and practices that keep our girls engaged in learning, not push them away from it. Education is FreedomWork.”

FreedomWorkers are people like you: educators, policy makers, students, family members, volunteers, and other advocates across the globe protecting Black girls, their education, and their futures. FreedomWork looks like:

  • discussion groups with Black girls/girls of color
  • culturally-responsive teaching and gender-responsive educational strategies
  • culturally-responsive health and wellness

If you’re interested in partnering with S.O.U.L. Sisters to organize a #FreedomWork event, please reach out to NYC Program Manager Jamy Drapeza at or Miami Program Manager Natasha Santana-Viera at