Celeen Robertson

Miami Teaching Artist / celeen@soulsistersleadership.org

Celeen Robertson (she/her/hers) is both an artist and mental health professional, derived from the combination of creative and investigative energy. It fueled her completion of two bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Psychology, and as well as a Master of Science in Art Therapy. Her artwork stretches across several mediums. Where the limitations of one medium stifle a concept, another is able to step in and complete the narrative. It encompasses a passion for beauty and functionality joined with more conceptual notions that grapple with injustices often inflicted upon each other and oneself. She fervently believes in the ability of art to reimagine narratives, model change, challenge perceptions, encourage self-discovery, challenge power structures, and redirect that power back to the individuals and the communities that they comprise. Celeen has practiced art therapy in the criminal justice system, school system, and shelter for those experiencing homelessness. These and personal experiences have fostered an awareness of her own roles within these systems through continuous evaluation and created a dedication to combating oppression and healing past and present systemic and social transgressions through art.