Estefani “Steve” Aguiluz

Lead RCC Facilitator /

Estefani (she/her/hers pronouns) is a Restorative Community Conference facilitator within S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective. As a survivor of childhood sexual violence she deeply believes in the power of restorative justice and transformative justice as a way to address and prevent cycles of harm and violence. Prior to S.O.U.L. Sisters Estefani served as a mentor within L.O.V.E (Latinx On the Verge of Excellence) supporting Black, Brown, and Latinx youth of color. Estefani also founded The Ant Project: A cis and trans activist organization, advocating social justice for all; founded by women of color to educate and equip the tired and marginalized. Estefani has a deep passion and personal mission to serve as a bridge-builder within the Latinx community, to support with folks’ healing and to address anti-Blackness and anti-brownness that is so pervasive within the community. In her free time Estefani enjoys the beach, dancing, and LOVES to read. Estefani is currently exploring the idea of getting back into academia and possibly getting a masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Trauma and Race studies.