Keesha Morisma

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator /

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator

Keesha Morisma (she/her) is a Florida-based stylist, designer, and educator who has styled music videos, editorials, fashion shows, commercials, major campaigns, and personal shopping. 

Keesha got her start in fashion in 2009 working as a visual merchandiser and went on to land an internship with Oscar De La Renta on his fashion show production team. Following her work alongside celebrity stylist Law Roach in 2018, she saw that there was a lack of storytelling and authenticity in fashion. Upon taking a break from the fashion industry in Paris, Keesha would come to create Zhuzh  – an accessory line that is committed to empowering artisans from across the diaspora by facilitating opportunities to create items using culturally significant fabrics and crafting techniques.

As a part of her work to amplify authenticity, Keesha is passionate about working with young people, such as our Design Camp members, to expose them to the world of styling.