Below you will find toolkits, templates, and guides that may help guide you in this work. Each toolkit is available for download beneath their descriptions.

SSLC Core Curriculum Units

Sample curriculums for circle keeping, Black feminism, gender justice, healthy relationships, and leadership.

How to dissolve an organization

Documents to support team leaders in what to consider when dissolving an organization and creating a work plan to close out programs

Restorative Justice Diversion and Circle Keeping

Information on diversion programs and how to create a circle.

Brown femme sitting cross legged with plants and shapes growing from her green hair

Creating Safe Spaces

Templates on how to create a safe space and consider community needs when facilitating. Includes sample room layout and checklist.

TGNC Program

Template for TGNC Program includes application forms, job descriptions, welcome packet, surveys, consent forms, mission statement creation, and planning template. Program templates focus on creating leadership and organizing space centered around social justice that provides emotional and mental support along with leadership skills for youth who are gender expansive.

Youth Leaders Board (YLB)

Template documents for Youth Leadership Board (YLB) including application form, enrollment packet, sample timeline, and sample curriculum. Program is designed for YLB members to collaborate on design campaigns, attend bi-monthly meetings, organize with local coalitions, and co-facilitate workshops.

Youth Social Enterprise (YSE)

Template documents for Youth Social Enterprises program including sample mission statement and program description, template release forms, and sample lesson plans. The Youth Social Entrepreneurship programming creates a platform for sustainable income while young women, femmes, and TGNC youth develop professionalism and entrepreneurship skills.