S.O.U.L. Sisters Interviewed by Criminal Justice Podcast “On the Count” for Women’s Herstory Month

S.O.U.L. Sisters co-founder and Executive Director Wakumi Douglas and NYC Program Manager Jamy Drapeza were featured in this episode of On the Count, interviewed by Associate Producer Andre Imani Ward.

On The Count is the only program on radio that is produced and hosted entirely by formerly incarcerated persons. Their mission is to identify and examine local, state, national and international criminal and social justice issues directed towards reducing the inappropriate reliance on punishment and incarceration as the primary response to social and economic inequality.

In honor of Women’s Herstory Month, S.O.U.L. Sisters spoke on issues and conditions affecting girls, femmes, and gender non-conforming youth of color who are directly involved in the juvenile legal system and/or are serving time “outside the wall” in regards to supporting loved ones who are experiencing incarceration. For all that and more, tune in to the interview here: