S.O.U.L. Sisters’ Zines For Black Mamas Bailout!

We’re incredibly happy to announce that S.O.U.L. Sisters’ zines for Black Mamas Bailout have been printed! We will distribute these zines to Black mamas who are currently incarcerated awaiting release and are being detained because they cannot afford bail. This zine is titled Thoughts of Free SOUL, which will be part of a series called Thoughts of a ____.

The zine’s content was created by our NYC and Miami Youth Leaders Board and Sisterhood Academy. With that said, you can view the full zine NOW by clicking HERE!

About Black Mama’s Bailout: #FreeBlackMamas is an annual campaign by the National Bail Out Collective (NBO) that seeks to raise awareness about the human and financial costs of money bail and emphasize its impact on Black mothers and caregivers. Every year since 2017, the NBO has coordinated tactical bail outs nationwide to free as many Black mamas and caregivers as possible so they may spend Mother’s Day with their families — where they belong.

To donate to help NBO provide continued support services to Black mamas, click HERE.