Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To survivors –especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous Survivors who aren’t always believed — we hope you take extra care of yourself this month, and always. And, to allies, we ask: how will you honor survivors this month, and always — especially when it’s challenging? How are we practicing holding ourselves and each other accountable?

This April, we call on folks to believe survivors, even when it’s hard and inconvenient. Especially when it’s hard and inconvenient. Survivors hold wisdom that can transform our world into one that can centers radical truth-telling and accountability to promote not only self care, but squad care.

This April, we invite you to join our ‘Your Truth is a Priority’ campaign! Write your truth and stick it in a place that feels empowering for you! You can also hashtag #YourTruthIsAPriority and #metoo on so that we can feature your truths.

And, to practice self and squad care, check out our self-care series on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and the resources below (updated 4/21/19):

Resources For Survivors and Their Loved Ones
Sources: Girls For Gender Equity’s Surviving R. Kelly: Viewer Guide; Stas Schmiedt, Co-Founder of Spring Up LLC. (for directing us to the Trans Lifeline and National Sexual Assault Hotline)

Advocacy Resources
Source: Girls For Gender Equity’s Surviving R. Kelly: Viewer Guide