Our Mission & Vision

a woman holding a sign that says "transformation"

S.O.U.L Sisters supports new leaders that have “lived and breathed” the inequalities of our legal, educational, and economic systems.

Our Mission

S.O.U.L (Sisters Organizing for Understanding & Leadership) Sisters Leadership Collective (SSLC) mobilizes systems-involved girls and nonbinary youth of color—Black, Brown, and Indigenous—to build power and resist/disrupt all forms of violence, economic exploitation, and oppression. Our four pillars are leadership, radical artistic expression, healing, and social justice. Growing out of the dire need for gender-specific services and leadership development for young women impacted by school pushout and the justice system in urban areas, SSLC launched in August of 2014 in Miami and NYC.

The Problem

We are failing young women and TGNC youth of color. Our youth face sexual violence and depression at higher rates than their white and male counterparts, and are more likely to attempt suicide. They are losing their children, and their children in turn are losing their families, to a discriminatory foster care system. They are the fastest-growing prison population. They are losing their brothers, fathers, and partners to police brutality and mass incarceration. What’s worse is the deafening silence in which our youth suffer.  We are losing generations of potential leaders. Our society cannot afford this loss.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which young women, femmes, and TGNC youth of color reclaim lives of authenticity, joy, and freedom through restorative justice, collective leadership, creative expression, and radical abolitionist healing.

SOUL Sisters Member

Usually they [young women] don’t say anything about it [pain]. Then they finally start talking to somebody and letting them know how they’re feeling and its like ‘why are you so mad, why are you so angry?’ They just need help.”