Our Principles & Personality

SOUL Sisters Leaders, 5 girls & femmes of color

S.O.U.L. Sisters Principles

Our principles are ideas and concepts that guide all aspects of our program and our way of interacting with one another.


Our past informs our future.

(Akan word from Ghana meaning “go back & fetch it”)

Collectivism & Interconnectedness

We are more powerful when we do things together.

Emotional Justice

Everyone has the right to heal.

Hope & Transformation

Change is possible.


We are all connected to something greater than ourselves.

(S.O.U.L Sisters doesn’t advocate or promote a specific religion. All are welcome.)

Personal agency

Individuals have power to control their circumstances.

Cultural awareness

Deep knowledge our of cultural backgrounds supports our growth and healing.


The arts are powerful. Let’s make something beautiful!

The S.O.U.L. Sisters Personality

Our personality describes the way we expect each member of the SOUL Sisters community to be with one another.

See & have compassion for the shadow and light within.

Value the voice of all.

Use skillful communication.

Keep ourselves clean in mind, body and spirit.

Practice authenticity.

Refrain from petty arguments.

Step up when shutting down and step back when over-talking.

Speak up when hurt.

Practice discipline.

Address stress.

Honor yourself by reaching out for support.

Engage intellectual curiosity.

Accept constructive feedback.

Be accountable for actions and words.

Understand that your intent may not match your impact.

Practice love.

Cultivate joy.